Food for Thought #4

In an article posted on, Allie Klein talks about the tricks to cleaning up your Facebook before applying to jobs or internships. Read some highlights from the article below.

“In a survey of 2,667 human resource workers conducted by Harris Interactive and CareerBuilder, more than half identified provocative photos as the largest contributor in the decision not to hire a potential intern or employee.”

“Consider Facebook the gossipy friend we all wish we didn’t have—anything you tell it, everyone knows.”


Leading with Feeling

Leading with Feeling

In the great words of Maya Angelou, “[people] will never forget how you made them feel.” So never forget to show your followers that you appreciate them and care for their well-being. Personal investment pays off 10-fold.

Food For Thought #1

See someone who does a good job? Tell them. You may think that they already know, or that others have told them… but it never hurts to offer a little praise pick-me-up.

Give it especially to those with tough jobs. Often times people with the toughest jobs get the least praise, but may need it most.