The Indomitable Spirit of Leadership

The greatest test of courage on earth is to bear defeat without losing heart.   -Robert Green Ingersoll

This week, I came across this quote and it really resonates with me. As a developing leader and aspiring professional, I can not seem to remind myself enough, that growth is always an uphill battle. If something is easy, it inherently means that it is presenting no challenge to you. When you are being challenged, you are stimulating your mind or problem solving. You are testing your limits and your endurance.

I find that many people call themselves leaders, however it is rather easy to govern or lead a group when things are going well. But a truly strong leader can lead when things are at their worst.  Having the strength, endurance and humility to fail or fall short of your goals, and then to be able to pick your self back up, re-motivate yourself and your team, and push on… is a rare commodity in today’s world, and persistence is greatly overlooked. Perseverance is  something to relish when discovered in a person. In my experience, this is not something that can be easily taught, but rather an personality trait that is instilled in us at young ages based on our upbringing and values.

Being a bit of a perfectionist in certain aspects of my life, I tend to hold myself to high standards, and find myself occasionally sitting beneath the gray cloud of discouragement. I frequently remind myself that progress takes not only time and effort but a mentality of never taking no for an answer. Our goals are achievable, its just a matter of trying until you succeed and asking yourself  “Just how determined am I?